Assetto Corsa Servers Updated - 1.0 RC

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Assetto Corsa Servers Updated  - 1.0 RC

Dear Customers,


We've succesfully updated all the servers to the newest version of Assetto Corsa  the 1.0 RC!

This update includes some changes in the server_cfg.ini. The Server ports are nolonger defined with PORT=. They're now defined with UDP_PORT= and TCP_PORT=. So please, be carefully when overwritting server configurations, ensure those numbers are the correct ones. HTTP_PORT still works as always.

There're new variables in this version such as:


We will be more than happy to explain them once our testers give us more information regarding them. Feel free to test them yourself!

We thank you again for trusting us as your server hoster, and we hope you enjoy the servers!



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